Not only do ISC employees maintain a vegetable and herb garden, as well as a compost pile, we are now taking it up a notch this spring with the arrival of a chicken coop and four chickens!

Yes, ISC is located in the city of St. Louis, and yes, city residents are allowed to have up to four chickens in their backyards. Not only will we have abundance of fresh vegetables to use at work and share with our families but we will soon be having fresh eggs as well!

chicken coopYou may be wondering why we would want to put a chicken coop on our property. There are many great reasons:

  • Chickens are relatively quiet animals. You only hear the hens cluck on occasion – most notably when they give the classic “Baw-Kaw” signal that they have laid an egg.
  • It takes just 350 square feet to house a chicken coop and chickens. For the chickens to stay cool enough through the summer, they’ll need plenty of water and some shade, which we can supply.
  • We’ll be able to make plenty of omelets! Depending on the breed, the chickens’ diet and the weather conditions, we can expect them to produce 16 to 28 eggs per week.
  • We’ll have fewer pests. Backyard chickens cut down on mosquitoes and other insects by eating insect larva.
    Backyard chickens make great family pets! Chickens come in docile breeds that have good temperaments and are a low maintenance pet for adults and children alike.
  • There are health benefits, too. Our chickens will produce farm fresh, cage-free, hormone-free eggs. That means they’ll have 10% less fat, 30% more Vitamin E, 33% more Vitamin A, 75% more Beta Carotene and more Omega 3 Fatty Acids than store-bought eggs!

chickensIf you find yourself in our neck of the woods this summer, please stop by and check out the garden and meet our friendly chickens. We would love to send you home with a homegrown tomato, fresh pepper, squash, fresh herbs and maybe even a delicious egg or two from your friends as ISC.

Get farm-fresh eggs in your backyard! Visit our friends at Farm STL.